Duck to focus on Sidney’s gateway future

Town of Sidney: Duck, Steve - Mayor Candidate. Steve Duck is the first challenger to Steve Price.

Steve Duck.

He was the first to announce his intent to run for mayor of the Town of Sidney, and Steve Duck is also seen as the first challenger to incumbent councillor Steve Price in this fall’s mayoral race.

A local businessman who owns the Tides Group, an event coordination and marketing company in Sidney, Duck admits he enters the race without direct political experience but says he has the vision and expertise in running a business and various non-profit organizations that will translate into being a good local representative.

“For the past three years I have attended  many council meetings and have observed  how council has responded to issues,” Duck said. “I had contemplated running for council in the past but at that time, I felt there wasn’t a chance to supplant the existing councillors.”

He said the decision of incumbent Mayor Larry Cross to not seek re-election in the fall opens those doors.

“There’s potentially an underlying feel or need for change or for different views,” he continued. “That has given me a sense of an opportunity to bring about a new vision for Sidney.”

That vision, he said, includes expanding Sidney’s role as the gateway to Vancouver Island and finding ways to blend more opportunities for all age groups in the community. He said the Town should not necessarily be directed by a single age demographic and there should be more opportunities for business operators. He also hopes to work towards more affordable housing options for young people and families who have jobs in Sidney.

That’s not to discount the role that seniors have to play in Sidney, he added.

“Seniors represent a wealth of knowledge with lots of ideas and thoughts on the Town’s future,” he replied.

Duck added he doesn’t want to suggest most people are satisfied with how the Town is today.

“We all have ideas for the future and commitment to sustainability and growth of Sidney.”

To that end, Duck said he thinks this November could see a wholesale changing of the guard on council.

“Yes, with the quantity and quality of candidates (expected to be nominated), the incumbent councillors will have a challenge ahead of them.”

Duck said he plans to hit the streets this fall during the campaign, talk to people and introduce himself.