Domino effect in Pat Bay Crash

Four car collision results in southbound and northbound closure on Pat Bay Highway.

At around 7:45 a.m. a four car collision took place on the Patricia Bay Highway resulting in the closure of northbound and southbound lanes. A vehicle turning left across the two southbound lanes to Keating Cross Road pulled a U-turn trying to go southbound.

According to police, as the occupant of the van completed the U-turn, a large semi-truck came down the off ramp from Keating and was unable to stop in time, crashing into the vehicle and pushing it across the southbound lanes and into the northbound lane. Another northbound vehicle was struck, causing another minor collision.

Central Saanich Police Corporal Dan Cottingham said only minor injuries were sustained to the driver of the van, and is unaware of any other injuries.

“It could have been much, much worse, it could even have been a fatality,” he said

The vehicle that was struck in the northbound lane heading northbound had three Saanich councillors inside.

Cottingham said charges are currently pending against the driver of the van.