Artwork by Saanich Peninsula artist Roger Tucker. Submitted

Exhibit at Brentwood Bay’s Emporium Gallery an exploration of space and time

Tim Collins

News contributor

The Gallery at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium is currently presenting its fourth exhibit of 2017 in a show featuring local artist, Roger Tucker.

Tucker tends to focus his paintings on the depiction of people but is the first to describe his works as ambiguous and thought provoking.

“The added imagery of location, architectural setting, colour and gestures tell a story at a moment in time. The visual effect becomes a very personal experience to every viewer,” said Tucker.

“I leave much of the image to people’s imagination. Every gesture and attitude of the figures I depict is meaningful.”

Tucker has always painted but has only dedicated his full attention to the craft since his retirement from a career as an architect. That professional background still influences his work as the professional architect overlays additional compositional aesthetics to his work.

“I like to usually play with space and time. I would like to think that those of us who enjoy paintings will appreciate the multiple layers of meaning in my works that invite new interpretation and debate with each viewing,” explained Tucker.

Some 20 canvases will be on display, in a show Tucker describes as being the “more gentle” examples of his work.

Tucker’s exhibition is the latest to be displayed at The Gallery at Empourium, a venue dedicated to showcasing a variety of local artists’ work. Owners Alice Bacon and John Carswell have both been involved in the arts for years and have a background of hosting large public art displays. They invite local artists to submit their applications for showings through their website at

Tucker’s exhibit runs from April 8 through May 5 at the Brentwood Bay Village Emporium, located at Brentwood Crossing, 7103 West Saanich Road at Wallace Drive in Brentwood Bay.