Mosquito buzzes Victoria airport

North Saanich's Victoria Air Maintenance restored a Second World War-era fighter-bomber.

A Second World War-era deHavilland Mosquito fighter/bomber flies low over the Victoria airport. The aircraft was restored to flying order at Victoria Air Maintenance in North Saanich.

Spectators and fans of vintage aircraft got a treat Tuesday, June 17 as they witnessed the second day of flight by a restored deHavilland Mosquito.

Victoria Air Maintenance has restored the Second World War-era plan to flying status for a private owner. The company’s website shows the various stages of the work — but it was this week’s test flights that had aviation buffs and even air force veterans out at the Victoria International Airport to catch a glimpse of the Mosquito.

They weren’t disappointed as the pilots of the aircraft flew low and fast near the crowd on Canora Road during one of their passes of the airport’s runway.