Four North Saanich employees resign

Four staffers resign and move on to new jobs; a fifth retired last month

Four people have resigned from the ranks of the District of North Saanich municipal hall in one month.

A fifth has retired earlier last month as well, adding to the strain on remaining staff until replacements can be found.

Chief administrative officer Rob Buchan told the News Review that the four individuals — two planners, a records manager and the long-time public works superintendent — all resigned in May. None were terminated and all have taken on new jobs elsewhere.

The resignations leave the district without key staff and has caused delays to ongoing projects. Buchan said while the district is down those four positions, service levels will be impacted.

“Without the people to do the job, it can’t get done,” he said. “We will be doing our best to carry on.”

The two planning positions were permanent employees. Their departure leaves only the director of planning and community services, Mark Brodrick, and one temporary planner.

The district’s records management position has been in existence for only two years, while the public works superintendent, Brian Robinson, had been a long-time employee of the District of North Saanich.

The district is looking to re-hire people into all of those positions and Buchan said that process will take time. In-house resources will be used to hire new staff, conduct interviews and provide training if need be.