Changing habits for a healthy life

For Holly E.Q., taking part in the 30-Day Fitness Challenge at Panorama Recreation Centre has been life-changing

Holly E.Q. takes part in the drop-in TRX fitness class at Panorama Recreation Centre. She is taking part in April’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

For Holly E.Q., taking part in the 30-Day Fitness Challenge at Panorama Recreation Centre has been life-changing.

The Saanich Peninsula university student starting going to the rec. centre three times a week at the beginning of April — that’s when Panorama started to offer the 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

Holly says she hadn’t really been that much into fitness but was challenged to do a bit more by her family and friends.

“In the past year, I had tried kickboxing through Panorama in Brentwood Bay,” she said. “It was really fun, a good workout and really quick.”

In danger of falling out of the fitness habit, the English student at the University of Victoria said the 30-Day Fitness Challenge was an opportunity she didn’t want to pass up. Plus, it was cheap.

Panorama launched the Challenge to try to encourage more people to get into the habit of using their facilities and classes more regularly. The Challenge itself asks people to attend classes or facilities three times a week, for a minimum of 12 times this month, to be entered into a draw for prizes. The idea is to get people to try new things and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Holly said she really enjoys TRX classes, adding she has tried out yoga, spin and HIIT classes as well. What has motivated her to keep going, she said, is having a place to go and like-minded people to go with. She added with both school and a new job, it was tempting to reduce the amount of time at the rec. centre, but has been motivated to keep up the pace.

“It makes you feel good and it’s fun,” she said. “It’s nice with the pass to be able to try out different classes.”

Holly said her goal is to keep up the fitness routine. She said she wants to take advantage of the $25 May pass next month — and to eventually do the plank on the TRX. She added she may also invite her friends to re-create the 30-Day Fitness Challenge in May.

Holly recommends people try out some of the classes on offer at Panorama — but not without some selfishness.

“I know if I say that, they will fill up really fast.”

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge ends April 30. To learn more, visit