Boat bandits booze it up after break-in

Police Briefs: Boat at North Saanich Marina broken into.

• On Tuesday, June 3 a Sidney resident was contacted via telephone and told that she was eligible to receive $15,300. She was told in order to receive this money, she needed to pay 10 per cent of that amount in taxes and transfer fees. Unfortunately, she sent $1,530 via a wire transfer to the Phillipines and has not received the money promised to her. Police are reminding people that this is a common fraud scheme and once money is sent to a foreign country, there is very little that police can do to help.

• On June 3 it was reported that someone broke in to a boat at the North Saanich Marina. The boat is a 31 foot long vessel moored on the South dock.

Police say suspects entered the boat, rummaged through cupboards and found and drank liquor that was left on the boat. After, the suspects stole a six-foot white Trojan brand dinghy from the back of the boat. Police are still investigating the theft and are asking anyone with information to call them at 250-656-3931.


• Sidney Home Hardware contacted police to report a theft on June 6 after a foolish thief made off with four lawn chairs, valued at over $300, from the back lot.

Two quick-thinking employees obtained a licence plate number from the vehicle as it was leaving the parking lot and the registered owner of the truck (who was known to police) was apprehended at his home within minutes. Conveniently, officers found him sitting in the sunshine in one of the stolen chairs.


• Sidney North Saanich RCMP have been out in full force on weekend mornings conducting road checks for impaired driving.

The efforts have resulted in impaired drivers being taken off the streets including five immediate roadside prohibitions over a two hour span. Police are reminding drivers that even though the alcohol may have been consumed the night prior, it may still be in your system in amounts that impair your ability to drive.


• On Saturday, June 7 around 11:30 a.m., officers from the Central Saanich Police Service responded to an accident involving a cyclist and truck near the intersection of West Saanich Road and Wallace Drive. The truck was attempting to make a right turn in to a parking lot off West Saanich Road when a cyclist crashed into the passenger door of the truck. The cyclist sustained non life threatening but any witnesses to the accident are being asked to contact Corporal Steve Tysick at 250-652-4441.